7 Week Releasing Procrastination + Fear Of Shining Tapping Teleclass Series

7 Week Releasing Procrastination + Fear Of Shining Teleclass Series 

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Are you procrastinating and feeling stuck?

Are you feeling frustrated and anxious?

Are you hiding out?

Come and join me for this powerful abundance tapping teleclass series. This is a GREAT way to raise your vibration, let go of stress, anger, guilt and other negative emotions and bring in more peace and abundance and create a life you love.

In these teleclasses we will clear limiting beliefs, negative emotions and sabotage…..anything that is in the way of what you want in your biz and life! I will be working with most of you on the calls….. if I do not work with you will still get the benefits as we all tap along with each person I work with.

You will find this class will be helpful for all areas of your life, you can tap on any issue.

Create abundance and peace  in all areas of your lives…..relationships, health, peace of mind, career and finances.

From stress to peace and power.

-Identify and release your limiting beliefs.

-Tap away negative emotions in the way of success.

-Address the part of you that does not want to change and wants to stay “safe” and stuck.

-Let go of procrastination and tap into motivation and inspiration to move forward in your biz and life.

-Feel more peaceful and abundant.

-Tap into your divine guidance.

All the calls are recorded so you can listen or join any time. Tap into peace, inspiration and power every week in your life and biz.

The 7 week Abundance Tapping Series, includes….

  • 7 weeks of Abundance Tapping teleclasses recordings
  •  Tap into magic 90 minute session with Kate
  • 10 lazer abundance tapping audios
  • Recording of all the calls

 All 7 classes are on Wednesdays at 1pm pst and are recorded so you can listen any time. Once you are registered you get the lazer audios and you get these as soon as you sign up.  All calls are on Wednesdays at 1pm pst.

The next series will begin Wednesday May 30th  2018, if you sign up today you will get the last series for free as soon as you register! 7 hours of teleclasses to tap along to before the new series start.

Earlybird: Just $247 includes a 90 minute breakthrough session

Register here…


Teleclass only $97…


Workshop special with 60 minute session $197….


VIP PACKAGE $997 includes 5- 60 minute private Breakthrough sessions




Thank you for your Abundance Tapping Teleclass series. Honestly, your class was one of the best classes I have ever taken. It was clear, practical, helpful and transformative. Several of your phrases have stuck with me… ” take 100% responsiblity for yourself”, “daily rituals create your life”, ” I let go of being general manager of the universe”.



Dear Kate,

Thank you so much for working with me on Wednesday.  I couldn’t email you sooner since I’ve been busy clutter clearing since we got off the call.  The disabled veterans truck was coming today and with your tapping support I plowed through my basement clutter and donated so much stuff I couldn’t believe it!  I didn’t get to make any phone calls because I worked on the clutter until bedtime.  Today I jumped back in and started de-cluttering upstairs! I replayed the call and did the tapping again.  It actually feels good to see clean space where there was once a lot of stuff.  Even though I haven’t started making biz calls, etc. I feel good where I am now because usually I get torn between what I’m doing and what I think I “should” be doing so usually nothing of value gets done.  Yesterday after our tapping session I really did know exactly what to do: clear the clutter, create space for something wonderful to come in without the distraction of needing to get rid of clutter etc.

Thank you so very much for your help.



“Hi Kate!

As I told you today after we tapped, this is so much better than therapy! I’m amazed by how much clarity surfaces after tapping with you.  I feel a calm confidence around my previous worries that we tapped on and so appreciate your gentle yet direct approach- the perfect balance for getting to the root of blocks. Thank you for your focus and care and I look forward to more tapping with you- a mere eight weeks after my first teleclass with you has brought so much momentum of prosperity and confidence to my life.



“Completely grateful for working with you. Intellectually I was aware of EFT lessening the “reactiveness” to an issue, but now I GET IT! I was able to mention the time around losing my son in a conversation yesterday… and there were no tears. Today, noticing the lack of back pain, which had been ever present. SO COOL! Hugs, Kate, you are fabulous!”.

“It’s just what I needed. I felt 100 times better for the rest of the afternoon after tapping and was able to dive into a few biz tasks I’ve been procrastinating about. Thanks for the reminder to tap everyday” 


“I’ve been so fortunate to be working with Kate Winch for the past month. Today, Kate’s insight really took the work to the next level. She does the sessions in group phone calls, which I am finding to be really powerful. Consider joining her next session”


“Hey Kate-

Just had to give you and your EFT work some affirmative empirical data of success. Not too long after your Abundance Tapping call last month an amazing man came into my life. Apparently my EFT realization that the universe is not conspiring against me when it comes to being an a extraodinary relationship is true. Thanks again for who you are and the work you do!! ”


“You are a MIRACLE WORKER, Kate!!! I started feeling better right away, then did more tapping right before I went to bed. Then I woke up yesterday feeling…clear. And I realized I had been waking up with consistently worse “emotional hangovers” for about a month. THEN (make sure you’re sitting down), I got in action on (literal) unfinished business that I’ve been avoiding for a year and sometime during the afternoon, I started feeling really GREAT!!! I kept going and organized more paperwork & tax stuff last night, and woke up feeling clear and energized AGAIN. Which is WILD, because the unfinished business is still unfinished, but I’m facing it and getting it handled. What I’m experiencing is a TOTAL 180 from the way I was feeling on Wednesday!!! I am soooooo hooked!!!!!”.


“Just wanted to give a public thank you for the amazing tapping session on your group phone call! I have been chasing my fear of acting powerfully for a long time. You helped me give it a good chase around the block – approaching this fear from many different angles and I am still feeling the reverberations a week later. Thanks for your skill and gentle willingness to go after the deeper distress”.

Russell C.


Also I just wanted to share with you some amazing news re my clients; since tapping with you I have gone from 2 regular weekly clients to 7!!!! and half of them are booking in for hour and a half sessions!!!! So it’s totally amazing!! I’ve never had so many people book for weekly sessions! (so now I need to do some tapping on what if they all get better and stop coming and I don’t get any more!) anyway I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks, it’s been quite remarkable! ( and thats not including the random clients who come on a less frequent basis! )

Hannah C.



Here is the recording of an intro to the Abundance Biz call, tap along and enjoy ….



The 7 week Tapping Teleclass Series, includes…

  • 7 weeks of Abundance Tapping teleclasses recordings.
  • Private 90 minute Tap Into Magic session with Kate
  • 10 lazer abundance tapping audios
  • Recordings of all the live calls

Here are the lazer audios you will get …

1. Releasing the belief “I will never change” for an area of your life you have been struggling with for a long time.

2. Releasing anger and resentment

3. Releasing fear and worry

4. Releasing guilt and shame

5. Clearing blocks to receiving abundance, love and success

6. I am afraid they don’t like me

7. Tapping into your power

8. Releasing procrastination

9. Releasing blocks to shining

10. Releasing stress and anxiety

Wednesdays at 1pm PST starts Wednesday July 19th for 7 weeks.

Just $297 includes private session + lazer audios.

Earlybird just $247 includes a 90 minute private session.

Register here…



VIP PACKAGE $997 includes 5- 60 minute private sessions YES! SIGN ME UP…



Teleclass only $97…







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