Feeling stressed?  Tap along to one of these audios, just pick which ever resonates for you each day. These lazer audios are around 10 minutes or less, tap into magic now!

Here is a sample audio….

Releasing Stress and anxiety….


Lazer Audios

2 lazer audios:

1.Lazer audio on releasing attachment to a certain outcome. Attachment can create alot of suffering, tap along to this and surrender.  

2. It is safe to say no, lazer audio on boundaries.

Just $7 for these 2 audios….

 2 lazer audios:
- Lazer audio on releasing the belief ” Life is a struggle”  - Lazer audio on releasing overwhelmJust $7

2 lazer audios on releasing limiting beliefs to healing the body with chronic health issues

Just $7


Six Lazer Abundance Tapping Audios #1


 1. Tapping away “I will never change” for an area of your life you have been struggling with for a long time.

 2. Releasing anger and resentment

 3. Releasing fear and worry

 4. Releasing guilt and shame

 5. Clearing blocks to receiving abundance, love and success

 6. Tapping into your power


Just $19.97 for all 6 Mp3′s

Just click on this link to purchase them….


Six Lazer Abundance Tapping Audios #2


1. Tapping into courage

 2. Releasing the belief “something is wrong with me”

 3. Tapping away loneliness

 4. Tapping away regret, feeling like a failure, I should be further ahead

 5. Tapping away the pressure to be perfect

 6. Tapping into being present when eating and releasing extra weight. 


Just $19.97 for all 6 Mp3′s

Just click on this link to purchase them….




Are you feeling stressed out, anxious, angry or is any other negative emotion consuming you?

Then tap along to these audios and create more PEACE and
ABUNDANCE in your life now!

This Abundance package also includes a 30 minute private session with me via Skype or phone.

 This fabulous package of Mp3′s includes 16 mini Lazer Abundance Tapping audios to tap along to.

They will be sent to you as a link, so you can start tapping as soon as you get the link.

You will get …..

All the audios listed above as well as all the audios below…




1. Releasing the belief “I will never change” for an area of your life you have been struggling with for a long time.

2. Releasing anger and resentment

3. Releasing fear and worry

4. Releasing guilt and shame

5. Clearing blocks to receiving abundance, love and success

6. I am afraid they don’t like me

7. Tapping into your power

8. Releasing procrastination

9. Releasing blocks to shining

10. Releasing stress and anxiety

11. Also you will get 4 hours of General Abundance Tapping Teleclasses to tap along to…


PLUS 7 hours of Business Abundance Tapping Teleclass recordings.

Clearing negative emotions, limiting beliefs and letting go of blocks in the way of manifesting your dreams!

Here is what the participants got out of the Abundance Tapping Teleclasses ….

“Completely grateful for working with you. Intellectually I was aware of EFT lessening the “reactiveness” to an issue, but now I GET IT! I was able to mention the time around losing my son in a conversation yesterday… and there were no tears. Today, noticing the lack of back pain, which had been ever present. SO COOL! Hugs, Kate, you are fabulous!”.

“I’ve been so fortunate to be working with Kate Winch for the past month. Today, Kate’s insight really took the work to the next level. She does the sessions in group phone calls, which I am finding to be really powerful. Consider joining her next session”

“Hey Kate!

Just had to give you and your EFT work some affirmative empirical data of success. Not too long after your Abundance Tapping call last month an amazing man came into my life. Apparently my EFT realization that the universe is not conspiring against me when it comes to being an a extrodinary relationship is true. Thanks again for who you are and the work you do!! ”

“You are a MIRACLE WORKER, Kate!!! I started feeling better right away, then did more tapping right before I went to bed. Then I woke up yesterday feeling…clear. And I realized I had been waking up with consistently worse “emotional hangovers” for about a month. THEN (make sure you’re sitting down), I got in action on (literal) unfinished business that I’ve been avoiding for a year and sometime during the afternoon, I started feeling really GREAT!!! I kept going and organized more paperwork & tax stuff last night, and woke up feeling clear and energized AGAIN. Which is WILD, because the unfinished business is still unfinished, but I’m facing it and getting it handled. What I’m experiencing is a TOTAL 180 from the way I was feeling on Wednesday!!! I am soooooo hooked!!!!!”.





Just $97

Click here to purchase…


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