Read what Kate’s clients are saying…

“Thank you Kate…Great session. Got so much out of it!
Just like always the benefits come in right after I leave you. Crazy how fast our sessions work. You work Magik ! “



Amazing what a difference one session with you makes! It’s like yoga/ counseling/talking to your BFF and a massage all wrapped up in one. Actually better since the effects last longer. Thnx for the work you do!!  Katie


Kate is a loving and gifted being. Simply being in her presence and care and attention shifts energy. We may wonder how does tapping on our body help? Until you try it you won’t know, because it is often hard to move our stored energy ourselves. So the combined tapping with Kate and her
intuitive heart, brings about a shift.

~ Shiloh Sophia


Kate is absolutely AMAZING to work with!  I have been working with her for a few months and my hunch that she was the one to work with has proven true!  In working with Kate, I was able to remove old blocks to my success and have gained the confidence that has enabled me to enroll my first 3 month program client for $4,997.  Kate’s coaching has helped me step into more being possible for me and I am ever-so-grateful for her and her work!

CiCi Baudoin


I’ve worked with Kate Winch as as a Intuitive reader and EFT practitioner. I’ve worked with her on a one-on-one basis as well as in a workshop setting. All I can say is that Kate is a compassionate, generous, patient, and an intuitive healer. She has helped me through a lot of tough challenges by being a shining light in my midst. Her readings have come to pass and her EFT and matrix imprinting work have helped me heal my past and change my life as I desire. She is an impeccable light worker and you will find her a true joy to work with.



More good news:  I have been struggling with some pretty severe joint pain the past month or so.  After our session, the pain completely disappeared!  I was reading Louise Hay and she said joint pain can be related to a resistance to move forward in life.  So clearing all that past-life trauma, especially related to the unconscious fear of moving forward in my life as a healer, was so freeing!
And I have been sleeping better.  I had two nights since our session with I slept 5-6 hours straight!  This is so great for me!!



I have been meaning to sit down and write you for quite some time. Some AMAZING shifts are occurring in my professional life right now and you deserve some credit. I really wasn’t very in touch with how miserable my future prospects with my job were making me until I attended your tapping class and balled my eyes out for 3 hours straight. I came home and hung up my “Manifestor” collage in my studio and continued tapping whenever I would steam at the gym…. there’s something about a warm, dark sauna and the tapping. A dual release I guess… very birth like, LoL.

Anyway, through whatever cosmic mischief that was released, I now find myself fully shifting into an extraordinary new career as a graphic facilitator in a position I get to design. I use all of my artistic capabilities, plus cultivate my love of facilitation and business strategy… and it’s literally double my old salary. I work with a great team for a great company. When I think of all the avenues open in front of me, there isn’t a one that makes me shudder with misery. Sure there are challenging pieces… but I feel as though I have vaulted over an enormous gap and landed in a brand new vista waiting to be explored.

It wasn’t a hard or long road to get here either– in fact from outside it looks rather like magic. This is the sort of miracle I used to read and snort at… but now it’s me and I am thoroughly blown away. Thank you so much for doing your good work. It changed my life and I will never stop urging people to attend your Abundance Class.



“It’s really quite amazing all the positive changes that I am experiencing after tapping! I just wanted to let you know”.


I recently attended an EFT workshop with Kate Winch. I just wanted to let you all know about how it’s helped me and how I have the tools to continue the work with a script and recordings that she shared with those of us who attended. Kate personalizes the script, really gets to the heart of the matter and literally, in a matter of minutes, the sadness, anxiety, and struggle that I was feeling lowers to a manageable level and allows me to focus on the positive instead of being trapped by fear and pain. Please believe me when I say that Kate is exceptionally good at what she does !


“You are a MIRACLE WORKER, Kate!!! I started feeling better right away, then did more tapping right before I went to bed. Then I woke up yesterday feeling…clear. And I realized I had been waking up with consistently worse “emotional hangovers” for about a month. THEN (make sure you’re sitting down), I got in action on (literal) unfinished business that I’ve been avoiding for a year and sometime during the afternoon, I started feeling really GREAT!!! I kept going and organized more paperwork & tax stuff last night, and woke up feeling clear and energized AGAIN. Which is WILD, because the unfinished business is still unfinished, but I’m facing it and getting it handled. What I’m experiencing is a TOTAL 180 from the way I was feeling on Wednesday!!! I am soooooo hooked!!!!!”.



“It’s been 8 months since breaking up with my girlfriend of 7 years. Feeling alone and lost at times I distracted myself with work, wine and woman. Though many years of training and transformation under my belt I couldn’t break away from this feeling of saddness. In turn a lot of things in my life began to fall apart. I kept making bad decisions until finally I relized I needed to reach out. That’s when I started going to Kate for Tarot readings, Tapping and Spiritual guidance. After a few sessions I could see some clarity around what I was creating for myself. This last session I had was incredible! I felt a lightness around my life and a renewed confidence that was real. With in min. of leaving her office I received a call that I got the home I wanted. I felt an inner completion with my life. Inspired I began to communicate the things I needed to say to the people I needed to say them to. It set off a chain of events that were nothing short of amazing. I received $5,000 from family, I let go and moved on from feelings of guilt and anger with my partner. I will be moving into a community and new home that I love. I am clear that all these great things correspond to my sessions with Kate. Im inspired again in my life and will keep coming to Kate to create more miracles”.


“I am simply amazed at how much more confident I am feeling. you are such a wonder.”



Hi Kate!

I’m doing really well since the VIP session!  I’ve been doing a ton of self-care this week (baths, facial masks, meditation, dancing, yoga, etc.) and find myself laughing much more freely. That feeling of desperation has been mostly absent, and I have only cried happy tears this week (the first week I could say that in 8 months). Work has been very busy and super satisfying. I’ve done a little tapping on my own, but I’m hoping I’ll have time to catch up with your classes over the weekend.  I’m so grateful for your support. What a huge difference it has made!  It must feel great to be able to help people in such a dramatic way!!

VIP INTENSIVE Testimonial:  

I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to have experienced not only one, but two different sets of VIP days with Kate.  These were both life changing experiences.  I normally work with Kate via Skype which is always amazing, however I knew I could reach new levels and have breakthroughs if I could work with her in person and have longer and more intensive sessions.  These days allowed me to take the time to go deep and take quantum leaps forward in a safe and supportive environment.  Not only did we work in her office, but we were also able to spend time moving through feelings and emotions while at the beach.  What could be better than experiencing hypnotherapy with the sounds of real waves in the background?  Both times I left  San Francisco on such a high that I felt like I could accomplish anything and I was able to continue to implement all of the changes that Kate helped me to push through.  In fact many people told me I had a glow about me and radiated self-confidence when I returned home.  I’m still reaping the benefits eight months later.  I accomplished all that I wanted to and I know that I will return sometime in the future for another set of VIP days.

Heather Cohen


“Working with Kate has been a truly amazing and inspiring experience that is changing my life in a profound way. As many of us have done, I survived and thrived beyond a dysfunctional childhood, doing all the “therapy” and other mind-directed work to recover and move forward. Yet there were still emotional blocks to me achieving the true creative success I wanted. I discovered true healing over the hurt and pain from my parents at a deep cellular level in just one session of EFT with Kate! There were emotions and feelings scribed in my cells that I was able to free; I was able to free my parents. And I was able to free myself, coming away feeling so much lighter, walking so much taller, ready to fly! And it was not in my head – it was at a much deeper place. Thank you Kate!”


Kate Winch elegantly demonstrates the art of EFT. In the months that I have worked with Kate, I have basically been able to reinvent myself. I am happier, healthier and wealthier. Although I was very aware of many of the issues/emotions that have been keeping me stuck in different areas of my life, Kate’s gentle, yet perceptive coaching questions helped me to reveal some of the deeper emotions that needed to be cleared from my energy system. Some of my sessions have been deeply cathartic with lots of tears, and yet many of my EFT sessions have been uplifting with much laughter. Kate is excellent at helping to clear psychological reversals, and then weaving in great choices at just the appropriate moment. I cannot speak highly enough of her work with me. I am truly a changed woman. Thank you Kate.”

— TS

The effectiveness of you and eft is amazing. I experienced real change so quickly. It picks up where traditional talk therapy stops.You are terrific at your job.So inspiring to be with you. It’s truly phenomenal what one hour with you can do!

— LV


“I wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful session the other day. It worked! My energy shifted INCREDIBLY around the anger, and my mother’s did too. We had a heartfelt conversation last night and I got through to her as much as was possible. I also truly love working with you and want to tell you as much. You have a gift for making things seem possible, making life seem magical (as it should be), and making healing incredibly transformative. Your words are powerful and I truly believe them and see abundance coming my way (as the card you pulled)”.

— MM


Kate is a godsend. I felt safe the moment I first spoke to her on the phone. It is a delight to play with my thoughts and emotions in her presence. And it is such an honor to have the opportunity to share this earth with such an inspiring and gentle soul. She has humbly shown me how to access the gift of loving myself. And has given me the tools necessary to create the relationships and life I was not even able to dream were possible before. Her warmth and care have helped me achieve true happiness, health, and balance. I am forever grateful for her guidance and inspiration.

— PM


Kate,I’m feeling much better, calmer and more relaxed about money after yesterday’s session. My cold broke, too – my throat isn’t nearly as sore today and I’m feeling more energetic. I submitted to a bunch of things yesterday, too, and I got an email back from a client I invoiced for $799, who decided to give me a bonus and pay me $850 instead! So that was AWESOME, that’s nearly my rent for next month! Felt great. I am continuing to focus on relaxing and letting things come to me. The more I get into that groove, the better — and you help get me there, so THANK YOU!

— MC


Hello Kate. I just wanted to check in with you and to send a greeting. I have been a non-smoker since the day I came to see you and for that I am incredibly grateful. I don’t know if you remember, but we spoke about both my cigarette smoking habit as well as my marijuana habit and I am glad to say that I have stopped using both. Thank you for helping me out. I tell all of my friends who smoke about my experience in hopes that they too may someday stop enslaving themselves. Take care and be well.

— O.F.


Kate is an amazing human being and EFT practitioner. She is very gifted and warm hearted. She’s also one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She’s always very intuitive about what direction the session should take, to achieve the best results. She has tremendous staying power, because she knows that the EFT process works.  Kate has the ability to address and bring to consciousness core issues (that can take years to reveal and heal in psychotherapeutic sessions) and resolve these issues within one session or a couple of sessions.  I’ve experienced significant shifts in several areas of my life. I’ve been working with Kate for many years now, and I highly recommend her.

— Zoe Walton


I just wanted to say another “thank you” for the EFT session this morning — it was SO helpful! I listened to it again this afternoon. I so appreciated your clarity and skillful handling of everything — you are so great at this!! and inspiring too! it’s so great to know you, and to be able to work with you

— Sahina


The work I did with Kate completely changed my perspective on life and put the power to manifest into my hands. I knew I could work with her,the moment I met her at a social gathering. She had a glow about her that transcended circumstance. I thought, Humm..”I wanna get me some of what she’s got.”

Kate’s lovely English voice No-BS / Non New-age / lets get down to the business of transformation Right Now style aloud even me to set aside my judgments and skepticism and get to work. She doesn’t let you wallow in your stuff like a shrink. She is committed to having you clear your blocks as quickly as possible. You do the work. It’s empowering. Kate laid out an extraordinarily generous cocktail of tools. She did so with an uncanny instinct for just the pace and order that would be relevant for me. A few of the tools that hit home for me are; The Secret, EFT Tapping, PAX (on men and women), Landmark Education, Marianne Williamson, and Caroline Myss.

In six to nine month’s time I found myself sitting in the ‘cat bird seat’ of my own life in a way I never had before. I have been able to get out of my own way. I unlocked myself from the shame, regret and ghosts of my past. I now see my identity formed by my possibilities and vision for the future. The results for me have been; making peace with my past, being more relaxed and confident in every social and business interaction, making peace w/ my relationship w/ father, becoming partners with my ex-beau in a whole new relationship (a totally different one from our first go around, he even listened to some PAX CDs and sees the humor and truth in them confirming his own theories), and generally feeling grateful that life is mine to drive.

Thank you Kate. You rock, and obviously I highly recommend you.

— Nellie King Solomon


I just had to write to thank you for your great work! After your  work, I literally felt lighter and brighter and was eager to practice EFT more to continue this wonderful feeling of rejuvenation.

Your hour long Intuitive reading was one of the best I’ve received and really focused on more positive actions than other readers have. Specifically, we worked on forgiveness issues for the purpose of attracting the right type of romantic relationship for me.

Well, it’s been a few months and I’ve done some hard, honest emotional work, and focused on the most positive things as you said. I’ve met Tyler, he’s great, he has the exact characteristics you read for — even Aries & works with computers!

We get along like, well, like no one I’ve ever dated before — SO MUCH Better! And I have to thank you for helping me open up to authentic rejuvenation.

I wish you many more wonderful clients — please list me as a reference — and Kate, thank you for doing such great work!

— Cris Bermudez


It has been over a year and a half since I became a non-smoker and I feel great!

I came from a family of smokers, and easily burned through a pack a day for over eight years. I remember that I often felt guilty and ashamed of my half-hearted attempts to cut down and quit on my own. That all stopped the day that I was offered the opportunity to be in a hypnotherapy session with Kate.

Before our session, Kate asked me to look at my life as a smoker and to envision my future. To this day, I often look back and marvel at just how much time, effort, consideration and resources go into being a smoker. Together we looked at why I wanted to stop, and more importantly, what it would cost me to continue. The powerful truth of this insight would not have been possible without the encouragement and support of Kate.

Even so, as a future non-smoker, you might be wondering how this will work or you? Why Kate? Why Rejuvenation? Well, I found the whole experience to be intimate and truly personalized. Kate created a peaceful path for me to honor myself and complete my last day as a smoker.

I am forever grateful that I walked across that bridge with her guidance.

— Eric


“Working with Kate has been a transformative experience. Kate is bright, intuitive, compassionate and gifted at what she does. At first, I was not sure about trying EFT, but she supported me through this. I had some radical insights and very helpful breakthroughs on the phone classes as well as a private session with Kate. She helped me make links between things I hadn’t been aware of and the healing of it has been priceless. Thank you Kate!”




I have had the good fortune of being with Kate and entrusting her with my body, mind and spirit. The Intuitive reading she gave me was comforting, challenging and accurate, and the recent hypnotherapy session she designed for me and my permanent weight loss are working like magic.

She is intuitive, kind and delightful to be with.

I am grateful for Kate every day!

— Nancy



Kate Winch is a gifted seer. Her gentle wisdom opened up my heart in a way that allowed me to feed off her words, as she nourished my soul and shed light on my truths. Thank you, Kate!

— Crystal Andrus
Best-selling author and radio host

I cannot even put into words how grateful I am for having the opportunity to work with Kate Winch; The experience has been life changing.  Kate is a talented, perceptive, and insightful healer.  She intuitively knows just what to say at the right time.  She has the ability to articulate my unspoken thoughts, concerns, and aspirations, empowering me to express them freely.  Kate instinctively knows what questions to ask, when to give a gentle push, and when to offer a challenge.  Her soothing voice and demeanor instantly put her clients at ease.
After working with Kate just one time, I could feel a huge change in my body and a shift in the way I see the world.  She has helped me to release traumas I have been holding on to since childhood and have been working through for many years in traditional talk therapy.  Kate is a supportive, compassionate cheerleader who has many resources to share.  She empowers her clients by guiding them in the right direction to take the next step forward in their individual journeys.  She is wise, caring, and, most importantly, authentic.
Kate, thanks for giving so much of yourself and having such patience with me.   You make me feel cared for and understood. You have helped me break down the emotional protective barrier and plant a garden in its place.  What you do is amazing! You must have angel wings.

-Heather Cohen



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