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  •   Claiming Boundaries Tapping Workshop: Say no what does not work so you can yes to you and your dreams 

You can register here, space is limited…

  • Tapping workshop in San Francisco. Release stress and get back into the flow of life, space is limited, you can register here…

  • I  am honored to be teaching a couple of tapping sessions at the amazing  Tosha B. Silver‘s retreat in Esalen, it will be a magical time at this very special place. Tosha is wonderful and so is her work, I highly recommend her books and teachings which really resonate with me and what I teach (I especially love her book Outrageous Openess, letting the Divine take the lead). You can find out more about the retreat here…


Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

Tapping Workshop For Women

We will spend the afternoon tapping away blocks to new beginnings, setting intentions and visualizing. This will be a powerful way to get focused, release blocks and tap in to magic in your biz and life.

In the workshop you will:

1. Set your intentions

2. Tap away resistance, fear, limiting beliefs and more + create a new beginning.

3. We will finish with a visualization and get back in the zone.

4. Pick an angel card.

This workshop will be fabulous.

Come and tap it all away …


  In the Castro: The address will be given after you register.

Here are some Tap into Magic Workshop Testimonials…

“Kate’s confidence and passion for her work rubs off and if anything you leave her workshop with that same feeling. She makes you believe you can overcome what ever obstacle you are facing” Nathalie

“I took your workshop just in time, today has been very busy and challenging, and I have met most challenges with confidence and ease. Today has been the most productive day I’ve had in a while!”.

Jenny M

” I feel lighter than I have in years.”

“If you are looking to create abundance in your life….this is an amazing workshop. I did it last year and my income went up 4 times…and so much has shifted. I am amazed at how much I had created from it!! Go!! you will love it”.

Kate H.

“I have done 10 years of personal growth with dedication and commitement, it covered alot of ground but the synthesis of EFT and the group environment was one of the most impactful experiences I have had in terms of uncovering old beliefs and patterns. I feel healed from all the tapping we did. Thank you Kate, your goddess energy was elegant and radiant today and it was a joy to watch you in your essence and doing your part to heal wounds of so many people. You are a blessing and a gift”.


” This is my first experience of tapping and I really did not know what to expect. It was a wonderful experience and I feel so much lighter. Kate is such an amazing facilitator, she made it easy to follow and has a very loving supportive way about her, I highly recommend Kate as the person to learn from and go to”.


“Kate created a safe space where people feel free to speak there truth. It is amazing that Miracles happened even during the workshop”.


” I have read testimonials on all sorts of healing modalities that proclaim these wildly successful personal transformations. I have always taken them with a grain of salt, thinking these huge breakthroughs are (a) Impossible OR (b) only impossible for those who don’t have MY problems”.
A trusted friend Kim recommended it and what I cannot believe and didn’t expect is that I would be one of the people who had the breakthrough and feel one of my biggest blocks articulated and dissolve, I am walking out the workshop feeling lighter than I have in years ! Thank you !”.


” I was amazed by how powerful the group experience was. Holy ******** !!!! ” :)

” I really feel like I tapped into the abundant free energy available in the universe and greatly appreciated the feedback and affirmations.”

“I have been meaning to sit down and write you for quite some time. Some AMAZING shifts are occurring in my professional life right now and you deserve some credit. I really wasn’t very in touch with how miserable my future prospects with my job were making me until I attended your tapping class and balled my eyes out for 3 hours straight. I continued tapping whenever I would steam at the gym…. there’s something about a warm, dark sauna and the tapping. A dual release I guess… very birth like, LoL.

Anyway, through whatever cosmic mischief that was released, I now find myself fully shifting into an extraordinary new career as a graphic facilitator in a position I get to design. I use all of my artistic capabilities, plus cultivate my love of facilitation and business strategy… and it’s literally double my old salary. I work with a great team for a great company. When I think of all the avenues open in front of me, there isn’t a one that makes me shudder with misery. Sure there are challenging pieces… but I feel as though I have vaulted over an enormous gap and landed in a brand new vista waiting to be explored.

It wasn’t a hard or long road to get here either– in fact from outside it looks rather like magic. This is the sort of miracle I used to read and snort at… but now it’s me and I am thoroughly blown away. Thank you so much for doing your good work. It changed my life and I will never stop urging people to attend your Abundance Class”.


Earlybird: Just $47

Full price: $67

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